Our Factory Trained Technicians

Our Honda Technician Training programs ensure that our Honda specialist technicians have the skills required to correctly service, maintain and repair the entire range of vehicles in our Honda Showroom.

Product Information

Only Honda Authorised Service Centres have online access to the latest technical and product information direct from the factory. This means that Parramatta Honda has the very latest service and repair procedures that are used to save you time and money, and to ensure your vehicle is maintained as the manufacturer intended.

The Right Tool for the Job

As a Honda Authorised Service Centre, we use Honda service tools where needed. These have been specifically designed and engineered to the manufacturer’s specifications, to ensure services and repairs can be completed correctly, cost effectively and quickly.

Genuine Honda Parts and Accessories

Honda Genuine Parts are designed to the same exacting standards of fit and function as our vehicles. Furthermore, they are covered by Honda’s National Parts Warranty, while non-genuine parts are not.

Competitive Pricing

Parramatta Honda‘s Service Centre doesn’t just offer the best qualified people using the right tools and technology, we also price competitively and are committed to delivering value for money. When you book your next Honda service, ask our friendly team for a pricing guide so you know exactly what to expect.

Resale Value

By ensuring your vehicle’s service book is regularly stamped by our Honda Service Centre, you can prove your vehicle has been maintained as the maker intended. A full documented service history can be a valuable asset when it comes time to sell.